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Door Designs: The Power of Dixieply

San Marco
  • Specifications
  • Mullion Options

Door Specifications

  • 8.125" (206mm) minimum width
  • 8.125" (206mm) minimum height
  • Square, arch or cathedral raised panels are available
  • Woodgrains on all door styles are pressed with grain running vertically

Drawer Specifications

  • 8.125" x 5.875" (206mm x 150mm) minimum size for drawer front
  • 8.125" x 2" (206mm x 51mm) minimum size for slab drawer front
  • Drawer fronts available as San Marco (raised panel) or as a slab
  • Raised panel drawer fronts typically have 2 reduced rails each measuring about 1" tall
  • Woodgrains on San Marco drawer fronts are pressed with grain running horizontally
  • Vertical graining is available upon request

Other Specifications

  • Finger pulls available
  • Available in all colors

Mullion Door Specifications

  • Mullion doors are available as square, arch or cathedral raised panels
  • San Marco mullion doors have square inside corners on the individual lites
  • Backs of mullion doors are routed ¼" deep for glass
  • Cut out for glass should be measured upon receipt of doors (about 4" smaller than door)
  • Routed portion of backs may be painted at an additional charge
  • Woodgrains are always vertical on mullion doors