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Terms & Conditions

To ensure that all Doormark sales are legitimate tradesmen and cabinet companies, we require all C.O.D. customers to fill out the enclosed "C.O.D. Account Information Form" and submit original signed copy prior to or with the initial order.

In addition to the enclosed C.O.D. application, be sure to attach copies of your occupational license and current driver's license. A copy of your driver's license is standard check acceptance procedure and is required by Florida law for collection in the event of N.S.F. Any company whose check is returned N.S.F. may be required to pay by cash or cashier's check on all future orders.

Any company wishing to be tax exempt is also required to provide Doormark with a copy of the current state issued Resale Certificate. Sales tax will be charged on all purchases until we receive a copy of this certificate.

The following paperwork is required prior to purchasing from Doormark:

  1. C.O.D. Account Information Form
  2. Copy of valid Occupational License
  3. Copy of valid driver's license
  4. Copy of valid state issued Resale Certificate (for tax exempt customers)

All sales must be by cash, cashier's check, money order or company check. Personal checks will not be accepted. A 50% deposit with order confirmation / balance is due at time of shipment or C.O.D.

Customers requesting credit will be required to complete and sign a Doormark credit application. Processing of applicaion requires 1-2 weeks. Credit terms are net 30 A.D.I. (after date of invoice). Any past due invoices will result in stoppage of orders in production. In such instances, Doormark reserves the right to change the terms of sale or deny credit to any customer.