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About Ordering

Doormark is licensed by the state of Florida as a manufacturer. Doormark offers its products to the trade through approved distributors or direct to other manufacturers. As a professional courtesy to our customers whose business relationships direct our products to end users, Doormark does not sell to homeowners or general contractors.

Qualified customers are required to submit a legible copy of all orders by fax, mail or email. When ordering from Doormark, please carefully follow the instructions included with our standard order form. To better translate your order, Doormark uses a software program to read this order form, so neatness and accuracy are very important. All measurements should be exact customer dimensions and may be supplied in fractional inches, decimal inches or metric units. Doormark employees are not permitted to write orders or take sizes over the phone.

Upon receipt of a faxed or mailed oder from customers, Doormark will respond with a quote to the customer. At this time, the customer must verify accuracy of the entire order or change and return the quote with an authorized signature to confirm the order. Leadtime to completion of order does not begin until Doormark receives this signed confirmation. For pricing purposes, a part measuring 14 7/8" x 29¼", for example, will be interpreted as 15'x30', or 3.1 square feet.

Doormark assumes no responsibility for order entry errors!

Customers wishing to email their orders should contact Doormark customer service. Customer service will issue a private code for customer use when entering orders from Doormark's website. Some restrictions may apply.

Upon receipt of the signed quotation or Internet order, an order number and ship date will be assigned. From this point forward no additions or changes to the order will be permitted; a new order must be created at the customer's expense.

There is a 20% cancellation fee on all orders that have been confirmed by fax or email but have not entered production. Once an order has entered production it cannot be cancelled or changed.

Customers may choose to place orders of 9 parts or less on a "rush" basis. "Rush" is defined as being shipped with 3-5 working days. "Rush" is not available on mullion doors, appliance panels and most accessories. There is a $20.00 expediting charge on all "rush" orders. Parts which must be shipped common carrier may incur additional freight charges at the customer's expense.